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Celebrating Holiness

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

In two thousand and twelve, the previous regional director and current general superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Filimao Chambo, endorsed "Celebrating Holiness." A series of sermons and Bible studies were published for clergy and leaders to use.

The Word of God does not change, and sermons written to emphasize Holiness will not become old. Therefore I present to you again the book as it was published in 2012 and trust that it might bring assistance to your ministry as it was envisioned in 2012.

Dr. Chambo wrote:

"Holiness Unto The Lord 'has been a theme song of the Church of the Nazarene over the years. We are a Holiness Church. From the founding stages of the denomination, our calling has been to preach the reality of entire sanctification received through faith in Jesus Christ and to engage in Christlike ministries for the salvation of souls and relief for the needy. It was believed that Christians were set apart and should not reflect the spirit of the world, but the Spirit of Christ."

May we continue to preach Holiness and emphasize a walk with the Lord Jesus. We are privileged to live in the dispensation of the Spirit as He continues to teach, lead, and guide us about the things of God. Let's continue to teach people to love the Lord and also to express that love towards our Neighbor.

The book can be found in the Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library (WHDL). The direct link is below to download the book in pdf:


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