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Hello, and welcome to our 1st ever newsletter.

Since the creation of VideoLearn in 2020, we haven't ever touched based with all our instructors and students and want to use this time to give a brief update on what's been happening; VL features, etc. As you know VideoLearn was created and is maintained by TechnoDezi (Pty) Ltd. We don't believe in spam, therefore we shall only send newsletters regarding important updates or to share interesting news. VideoLearn’s mission is to improve lives through learning in South Africa. We enable anyone anywhere to create and share educational courses (instructors) and to enroll in these educational courses to learn (students).

Support We are there for our instructors and students all the way and try to make it as easy as possible to get the help you need. In the past our online chat has been the easiest and quickest way to get help, you will see the greeting as soon as you land on the website. Our phone lines haven't been that reliable in the past, but with our new phone system and soon to be call center, we will be just a phone call away and our trained staff will answer all your queries.

Features Over the last year the VideoLean team have been hard at work to add more features and functionality than most other e-learning systems in order to make your online learning experience as easy as possible and give you the tools you need to earn money online. If you have a feature request please drop us an email and we will be more than happy to consider your suggestion, or if you aren't sure if VideoLearn can do something or how something works please reach out to us for assistance. Although most new features were aimed at instructors, there are also a host of features that makes learning on VideoLearn better for the students.

The best in e-learning is here We are constantly adding new features and believe that VideoLearn has more to offer South Africans than any other e-learning platform. From monetizing on-demand self study courses to scheduled webinars, we have what you need to teach online or get that skill you need to succeed. You can find a high-level list of some of the features VideoLearn has to offer on the FAQ page.

Become an Instructor Our instructors are what makes VideoLearn possible. We are always looking for more talented people and interesting courses to offer. If you have something to teach or want to earn money online sign up and register as an instructor today and load your course.

New Courses New courses are constantly being loaded. Keep an eye on the latest courses to find that gem you were waiting for or follow an instructors channel for new courses.

Additional Services In addition to our online platform we also offer our instructors video recording assistance in our dedicated studio as well as video editing for your course content. Not many people has the facilities or skill to record and edit video, that's where we come in, bring your course content or idea, we'll take care of the rest. If you don't have the data, fast enough internet to upload your videos or stream online you can bring your videos to our office or courier a flash drive and we will load your videos for you. Stream your online event or webinar from our studio and never be offline, with our super fast internet and UPS backup we keep you online no matter what.

In closing We would like to thank everyone who has made this journey possible and want to assist every South African to learn the skills they need to prosper and create a stable passive income through teaching. Regards

VideoLearn team

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