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Support for the Minister

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Some of the privileges as a minister of the Word is that there are support structures. The most important aspect is to lean and depend on God. No minister should serve people without depending on God and daily walking in the Spirit. Ministry should always stay a calling and daily fulfilling what God desires. It is important to spend proper time with God, not only to ask for guidance for the day but mostly to be strengthened and empowered to minister to others. In this current pandemic, there is so much need among the people that a minister can easily become overwhelmed by the situation.

The second group that brings support is the congregation. Keep the congregation up to date on daily events so the flock can pray and be intercessors as you continue to work in this time. It is also a time where the minister needs to expand the horizon and open avenues for Christians to step up and be part of the ministry of a church. All Christians are called and need to be part of God’s work.

The third group are those that focus on academics, research and literature. One of these platforms is Didache Faithful Teaching. Didache marks its 20th year of publication. This journal has served the church over two decades and continue to do so. With the latest publication that focuses on the pandemic from selected scholars, it is worth the reading. The Journal serves to support ministers and to provide resources through writing to help deal with the pandemic. Spend time to scan through other issues as you might find some good sermon arguments to use in sermons or Bible studies.

Didache: Faithful Teaching Website: http://didache.nazarene.org

Let's keep each other in our prayers and continue to seek God for guidance and wisdom in this time.

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