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Teaching Services

Online Workshop


We specialize in instructional and learning design.

Our team has the skills to assist any person or company to create or convert learning material.

We offer assistance from the hosting of Learning Management Systems to the deployment of content for online education.

Educational Services we provide

Video Recording

Leaning on years of experience in film making we offer professional video recording services.

  • Educational Videos

  • Micro studio

  • Training videos

  • Family and event videos

  • 4k and Ultra HD recording

  • Green screen and effects

Video Post Production

Professional video editing, visual effects, voice-overs to give you a polished product.

  • Video Editing

  • Sound Editing

  • Adding Music

  • Visual Effects

  • Deliver final video on DVD, On-line, or on drive


Looking to host your own LMS or are you looking for a platform to post your own content.

  • Theology Learn

  • Videolearn

  • Hosting

  • Support

  • Conversion

Instructional Services we provide

We offer assistance with instructional design work for curriculum development. 

We specialize in the conversion of contact or blended learning into online education. With years of experience in online education, we understand the dynamics of online teaching. 

We provide assistance for instructional design or learning design. We can help with content conversion and recordings. Our team provides a full service to help any institution or company with their training needs. 

We also have two platforms: Theology learn and Videolearn which provides the opportunity for individuals, churches, or institutions to create and upload content for learners.  

We can also assist in hosting other LMS's according to the need of the customer. 

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